ConstruBlock® System for Slabs and Castles

The ConstruBlock® system, is an excellent System for solving slab, castle and enclosure systems formwork, when building with traditional blocks, building blocks and bricks.

The main advantages of the ConstruBlock® System are:

  • Daily concrete pouring cycles, that is; one daily concrete pour per slab.

With traditional timber formwork, the concrete pouring cycle, takes longer, from 3 to 5 days.

This means for you:

  • The ConstruBlock® System requires less quantity of formwork than with traditional timber formwork, at least 3 times less.
  • In comparison with traditional timber formwork, there is no waste.
  • 50% less labor costs.
  • Technical support.
  • Speed in formwork layout and in formwork dismantling.
  • Lightness.
  • Durability, 1500 uses or pours Vs 10 uses or pours with traditional timber formwork
  • Cero costo de habilitados en comparación con la madera, donde tiene que habilitar previo a comenzar el cimbrado.
  • Shoring system for arches and vaults (vigueta y bovedilla)
  • Less re work in the frontier of slab and castle
  • Solutions for facade pouring with decorative frames