Monolithic Systems for the Housing Industry

Our house building system is the best monolithic construction system in the market, due to several characteristics:

  • It is the most versatile system on the market with 180 standard pieces.
  • You can change easily from one prototype in another.
  • Quick assembling, which enables one daily pouring.
  • In other words you can assemble one cast daily.
  • We can standardize molds for one-family houses, duplex, triplex, either four-fold housing, etc.
  • Our delivery times are UNBEATABLE: within 15 business days you can inspect your tailored mold at our premises.
  • Very light 23 Kg-M2
  • A guaranteed HDO plywood contact face for 120 uses or pourings.
  • A metal frame, which enables 1,500 uses.
  • It can be applied in house construction, low-income apartments, as well as medium prized houses up till residences.
  • Low cost of replacement.

Integral service for molds:

  • System use training (user’s manual for maintenance and use).
  • Step by step explanation in the mold’s assembling.
  • Technical service at the work place.
  • Maintenance of the molds.
  • Project modulation.
  • Reconfiguration of the molds.
  • Training seminars.
  • After-sale service.
  • Processes manual.

We have more than 500 molds in service with several clients (commercial partners), throughout the Mexico. Some of our commercial partners are:

  • Urbi
  • Consorcio Ara
  • Dynamica
  • Geo
  • Sare
  • Inmobiliaria CAME
  • GIIA