We can offer you several solutions for each specific project, using our systems:


 The modular forming system Construply® is a versatile, simple and low-cost system that consists in more than 180 different sizes of standard panels and supplements.






The structure of the Panels and Supplements is a steel case or frame that offers at least 1,500 minimum uses and a HDO Plywood face, which yields at least 120 uses.




This system has several supplements, which ensure the correct accoupling, alignment and forming system plumbing.


The only tool for its accoupling is the wedge.






Because of it's characteristics, the system allows in one single step the accoupling and arrangement of the ties, Panels and Supplements. This translates in saving labor costs.

The panels and supplements can be applied to any kind of forming solution by any structure in which the concrete is poured.








With our product Construply®, we have developed several systems for different areas of concrete construction:

  • Monolithic Systems for Housing Industry
  • ConstruBlock® Systems, for slabs and castles for housing Industry
  • Sistemas para Edificación, centros comerciales y infraestructura.


We also have products and accesories for traditional wood formworks.