Our shoring system is very versatile and gives a solution for any kind of structures:






  • Lightening slabs
  • Solid slabs with ties
  • Prefabricated ties or joists
  • Ties or joists for thermo electrical plants
  • Slabs for commercial centers or malls
  • Slabs for hospitals
  • Bridgeheads








Send us your project and we will make you a proposal with the best solution!


Standard scaffold or work towers, towers with stairs

This is the ideal product to give a proper finish to houses and buildings, as well as to move from one floor to another in buildings under construction.

Suspended scaffolds

This product is very suitable for finishing and maintenance of building facades with work platforms from 3 up till 5 m long. It allows the movement of the operators over its whole length and gives them therefore a greater working area.
The cables of the suspended scaffolds are 50 m long, which provides the capacity to work at different levels on high-rises.

Stanchions, raking shores or rances

For its lightness and great load capacity it solves the problem of shoring the slaps at different heights, since it is provided with a telescope mechanism that allows for a great range of openings, besides the fact that we offer different basic sizes.