Square, Rectangular and Circular Columns

Our system for columns gives it the versatility to arching or build form works for any section of a column.

We solve the formworks for hybrid columns. In other words: for steel constructions with concrete coated columns.
This system offers the option to make formworks for any section of the columns, being:


This columns are specially manufactured with a steel contact surface and in the diameters required for each project. They can be moved by hand or with a crane.


Square and rectangular columns

This column system is very versatile and can be reconfigured for any kind of section in the same project. We study your project and give you an ideal solution for the ideal quantity of forming for your construction work.











We can supply two kinds of columns:

  • The manual system, which is very efficient for columns with sections up to 60 x 60 cm.
  • Systems to be moved by cranes. This system is meant for columns from 70 x 70 cm on. The advantages are:
    • There are no elements that cross the concrete.
    • The movement of the forms is in “L”, in other words:
    • it is moved only on two fronts, each one with a single movement of the crane.
    • It saves 50% of the labor costs.