Variable Supports

These supports are provided with variable tension springs throughout the whole length of the piping. These springs support the forces and the deflections generated in the piping during the thermal expansion and contraction cycles and allows for a vertical displacement of the piping and supporting the loads generated during said cycle.

Construidea's® variable tension shoring in 25 sizes and load capacities of 8 up till 50,000 kg, covering short, medium, large and extra large piping runs in 7 standardized types.







In order to obtain a longer lifetime under aggressive environmental conditions the finishing of the Construidea® variable tension shoring offers the maximum anticorrosive protection during the production stage a hot galvanization immersion process on its components, as well as a dust recovering, either a resin covering with neoprene on the springs is applied, according to the ASTM norm A-153.


Each of the Construidea® variable tension supports is tested and calibrated in our plant for the specific conditions for which it was designed and the corresponding certificate of the applied tests and an operation warrant is supplied upon delivery.